Would you like to Exhibit your dark art at Convergence 20 Chicago?

C20-First & Last & Always - Call for Artists: Convergence 20 to be held in Chicago in April, 2014 is part convention/part festival, originally started in 1995 as "the annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends that squishes together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe and their friends into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, musical events and sweet debauchery." C20 Chicago is currently accepting requests from visual artists wishing to exhibit/offer for sale their works (paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, etc.) Artists should send their statement of interest no later than November 12, 2013 to: C20Chicago@gmail.com and include your name, links to pertinent websites with your artwork, photos & description of your work, introduction, etc. As C20 caters to the gothic crowd, art reflecting that esthetic is desired.

Join the discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/583414341710670